Maat-ka-Ra Hatshepsut

The northern Chapel of Amun-Re on the 3. Terrace of the Temple Djeser djeseru

update: 23.07.2010

The northern Chapel of Amun-Re is a long chamber in the north-western corner of the Upper Courtyard. The decoration refers to Amun, the wall opposite to the entrance (see following photo) shows the ithyphallic Amun embracing Thutmosis II.

The photo shows the northern chapel of Amun-Re who is definitely depicted in his ithyphallic form (as indicated by the raised arm).

Both side-walls show offering scenes and a ritual run of Hatshepsut (on the left, western wall she is depicted running with Hp and oar, on the right, eastern wall she is running with vases).

It was here in this chapel where Senenmut let engrave on both jambs of the doorway the longest version of the privilege that he had been given from Hatshepsut to establish his name on all walls of Djeser djeseru and other temples of Upper and Lower Egypt.

However, only at the right jamb remnants have survived (see photo above - the hands raised raised in adoration and some parts of the head; about 170 cm above the floor; on the right the gate that closes the chapel) - the only one a tourist can visit today (just look through the gate!).

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