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  Description of the 18. Dynasty Temple  

The floor plan above shows the parts of the small temple of Amun which were built during the reign of Hatshepsut or Thutmosis III. The red lines (I-----I) in the chapels built by Hatshepsut mark the walls which had been decorated by Hatshepsut - all other parts of the walls were either decorated by Thutmosis III or sketched by Hatshepsut but carved for Thutmosis III (I-----I).

The drawing above shows a reconstruction of the small temple of Amun after the temple had been extended by Thutmosis III (Hölscher, 1930)

Today's view of the south side of the part of the temple built during the 18. Dynasty, on the left of the 6 inner chapels (in the plan above left). Directly in front of the chapels Thutmosis III erected the sanctuary which is enclosed by a circulating gallery (right above). At the moment the chapels are not accessible.

The description of the temple of 18th Dynasty is presented on three pages which separately address the inner sanctuaries, the barque shrine, and the ambulatory.

Description of the
Chapels   Sanctuary   Ambulatory

History of the Monument


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