Red Chapel

last update: 29.11.2009

North Wall - Block No. 40

Stone: red quartzite (origin - from the "Red Mountains" of Djebel Akhmar, an area near Heliopolis)

Beautiful Feast of the (Desert) Valley, Register 3, procession from Karnak to Deir el-Bahari.
According to the inscription in front of the barque the block shows "the appearance of the procession at the temple of Karnak", and the "moving of the procession to the banks of the canal to continue by ship to Djeser djeseru" (as inscribed behind the barque).

On the right the "King of Upper and Lower-Egypt, Master of performing the rites, Men-kheper-Ra (Thutmosis III), given life, duration and power like Ra" is depicted offering incense (as written below his hand). 

Note(s): the figure of Hatshepsut has been deliberately destroyed


Copyright: Dr. Karl H. Leser (Iufaa)