Red Chapel

last update: 14.11.2009

Distribution of Blocks on the East Gate

The plan above shows the distribution of the recovered blocks across the eastern gate of the Red Chapel as published by Lacau, P., Chevrier, H., "Une Chapelle d'Hatshepsout Karnak", 1977 - 1979 on plate 1.

The facades of the west and east sides of the Red Chapel had been decorated without any connection to the decoration of the south and north walls.  Only the 1st register shows on all four sides procession of nomes and temples.
The decoration of the west and east facades shows an almost identical construction, because in the registers 2 to 7 corresponding scenes are found on both sides. The 8th registers show different scenes, and the west facade which is a little higher has a 9th register.
In addition, the north and south halves of both facades, separated by the passageway, are decorated identically, i.e. the scenes recur on every side of the gate with one single difference - on the north side the king wears the red crown, on the south side he wears the white crown.
The repetition of the scenes right and left of the passageway signalizes an axial division of the temple - the king acts in an identical way on both sides of the axis, once as a king of the north (Lower Egypt) and once as a king of the south (Upper Egypt).

In the central part none of the blocks made of dark granite, which are to be expected here, had been restored. The blocks are not lost but the entire gate was re-used by Thutmosis III when he erected his gate to the northern magazine rooms (of Hatshepsut; see photo below).

On both jambs the gate shows its name: "sbA Mn-Xpr-Ra Imn wr bAw = Gate of Hatshepsut (changed to Men-kheper-Ra) [named] Amun, with great bAw" (Grallert, 2001; see photo below).

The comparison of the photos with the publication of Lacau and Chevrier proved again slight divergences, i.e. the reconstruction forced changes in the placing of the blocks or blocks were installed which were not known to or of which the position was not known by Lacau and Chevrier.
Thus, in their publication Lacau and Chevrier had placed block 307 on south half of the eastern side which at least was installed in the northern half of the western gate.

Thematically several main points can be established:
Register 1, procession of nomes and temples;

Register 2, Hatshepsut presents herself to Amun;
Register 3, offerings scene, cult run, embrace of the king;
Register 4, offerings scene, incensing before Amun;
Register 5, cult run, embrace of the king;
Register 6, offering of vine;
Register 7, coronation scene assisted by Weret-Hekau; acclamation by the souls of Pe and Nekhen;
Register 8, coronation scene assisted by Weret-Hekau, king led by Monthu und Atum;

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