Red Chapel

last update: 25.03.2008

South Wall - Block No. 171

Stone: red quartzite (origin - from the "Red Mountains" of Djebel Akhmar, an area near Heliopolis)

Opet-Procession, the royal barque with the cult statues of Hatshepsut and Thutmosis III on the way back from the temple of Luxor to the temple of Karnak on the river Nile.
Both statues are represented in the heb-sed-robe sitting under a canopy which has the form of the upper-Egyptian shrine pr-wr. The two statues are shown sitting on a throne, whose side was decorated with the symbol of unification of the Two Lands.
The royal barque drags the large barque of Amun named "Userhat Amun" using a rope, which ends in a role before the statue of Hatshepsut.
In front of the canopy three standards are shown each is supported by an Ankh-, Djed- or Was-sign. On the tops two Upuaut-standards are shown and on the standard in the middle a pillow-like symbol ("Sd" = pillow; according to Hannig, Deutsch-Ägyptisch, Sp. 712). Below the first standard the side of the royal barque is decorated with an Udjat-eye.



Copyright: Dr. Karl H. Leser (Iufaa)