Red Chapel

last update: 24.03.2008

South Wall - Block No. 305

Stone: red quartzite (origin - from the "Red Mountains" of Djebel Akhmar, an area near Heliopolis)

Opet procession from the temple of Karnak to the temple of Luxor along the 6 way-stations (barque shrines) of Hatshepsut - the barque with the statue of Amun approaches the 3rd way-station

The name of the 3. station is given left:
"The 3. Station of Maat-ka-Ra who is unified with the beauties of Amun"
(according to Otto, 1952)

Note(s): at both sides of the barque shrine the Osiride figures of Hatshepsut and her cartouches had been deliberately destroyed


Copyright: Dr. Karl H. Leser (Iufaa)