Red Chapel

last update: 27.02.2007

Vestibule, North Side - Block-No. 284

Stone: red quartzite (origin - from the "Red Mountains" of Djebel Akhmar, an area near Heliopolis)

The block shows Hatshepsut who consecrates 5 boards of offerings for the Goddess  Amaunet, Mistress of Heaven. Most likely, the goddess was depicted on the next block to the right - which is missing.
However, the text between Hatshepsut and the offerings tells for whom the gifts were meant for: "The queen herself consecrates these divine gifts, she gives these numerous offering boards to her mother, Amaunet, Mistress of Heaven."

Note(s): the representation of Hatshepsut had been deliberately destroyed


Copyright: Dr. Karl H. Leser (Iufaa)