Speos Artemidos / Beni Hassan

last update: 16.12.2009

Decoration of the Passage and the Sanctuary done by Sethi I


Floor plan of the "Speos Artemidos" dedicated to Pachet ("Grotto of Artemis") at Beni Hassan; from the totally 8 pillars only three of the first row have survived.

The sanctuary itself had not been decorated in the time of Hatshepsut. The sanctuary was decorated by Sethi I with his own inscriptions but he left it incomplete. All together, the Speos Artemidos remained unfinished.

The left side of the passage to the sanctuary has been decorated by Sethi I. with 19 columns of text (see following photo by W. Ulrich).

Directly right of this scene Sethi I is shown offering wine to the goddess Pakhet (see following photo by W. Ulrich). On the opposite side of the passage Sethi I is shown offering a baboon to Pakhet and receiving a scepter (no photo available).

The shrine, crowned by a cavetto cornice and surrounded by a dedication text of Sethi I, has been cut into the southern front wall of the  sanctuary (see photo below by W. Ulrich).



Copyright: Dr. Karl H. Leser (Iufaa)