When I started with this web site I have used a special Windows font called "Umschrift.ttn v2.2" for the transcription of  hieroglyphic writing. This font can be download from the Homepage of the department of Egyptology, University Goettingen. This is also recommended to anybody who wants to have names and titles to be displayed in an appropriate way.
This font has been developed by Prof. Friedrich Junge and provides an extensive font for transcription, vocal- reconstruction etc., for different  systems of transcription. 
Use the link below to download the font directly here from the current page, unzip the folder and install the fonts.

Umschrift.ttn Version 2.2

Or go yourself to the Department of Egyptology, University Goettingen, and download the fonts from the page "Software & Utilities"..

Ägyptologie der Universität Göttingen

Obviously, the corresponding CCER-font is more common. Therefore,  I have started to use this font and I will change step be step the pages. Thus, I recommend to download the CCER-font in addition.

The zip-file contains the font and a Word document showing the layout of the keyboard.

Note: If you are using a protected environment such as Bitbox to surf in the internet, it may be that you don't see this font even after the transliteration-font has been installed on your computer because the environment does not allow access to locally installed fonts.

Copyright: Dr. Karl H. Leser (Iufaa)