Maat-ka-Ra Hatshepsut

last update: 12.07.2007


Two tombs were were built and/or begun for Hatshepsut. When she was still "Great Royal Wife"  the building of a rock tomb was started in the Wadi Sikket T‚quet el-Zaid, a side valley of the Wadi Gabbanat el-Qurud. However, the tomb (WA D) is unfinished and most likely the work had been stooped when Hatshepsut became king.

The new tomb (KV20) for the king was built in the Valley of Kings. Some Egyptologists believe that she probably took over the tomb built for her father and extended it for a double burial - for herself and her beloved father, Thutmosis I. Others are convinced that she started her own tomb and decided to move the mummy of her father from KV34 to be buried with her.

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