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Tomb of Hapuseneb TT67

Floorplan of the tomb of Hapuseneb, TT67, Sheikh Abd el-Qurna
At position 1 (see floor plan above) one registers showed men are shown felling tress, the 2nd register showed remains of boat(s) - perhaps scenes from Punt, but nothing has survived. At No. 2 there was a stela, but nothing has survived. Relief in the passage depict the deceased at position 4 together with text of parents (published by Sethe Urkunden IV, 1906, 487-488). Again, nothing has survived but Hapuseneb kneeling in front of offering-tables is still to be seen (see photo below).

Location of tomb TT67 on the slope of Sheikh Abd el-Qurna

Front of TT67 (October 2003) showing the entrance, the windows, and part of the transverse hall.

On the rear wall of the transverse hall, left of position 1, N M. Davies (1961) identified a "Punt"-scene, which shows how incense-trees had been cut down in Punt. On the left side a person is shown supervising the felling of the trees - perhaps himself or his deputy (see also the following drawing by Davies).
The tress have yellow trunks and branches and green leaves - hard to distinguish from the background color..

According to N M. Davies (1961) the scene a position 3 shows craftsmen, evidently chariot-makers. The upper register shows craftsmen cutting and bending wood or leather, most likely controlled by an overseer standing on the right. The register below shows another man doing similar work. The following pictures shows the corresponding frawing by Davis

Left wing of the transverse hall of TT67, a yellow rule indicating 2 m is to be seen at the bottom of the side wall. The ceiling shows still remains of its decoration (see below).

Decoration of the ceiling of the transverse hall.

Ceiling decorated with flowers

Section of the decoration of the ceiling of the transverse hall showing the central band of text, here with the name of Hapuseneb.

In the passage to the hall and to the niche several remains of pictures showing Haupseneb in front of offerings tables have survived. Here, above his hand even has name is still to be seen.

Here the head of Hapuseneb has been partly preserved. 

Hapuseneb kneeling in front of an offering table

The left wing of the columned hall, here less remains of the decoration have survived in comparison with the transverse hall and the passage, only above the entrance of the passage remains of the decoration have survived. 

The niche of TT67, nothing of the original decoration was to be seen anymore.

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