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Historical Data

Name Title Statues Origin Tomb
Satnem (= %ineHem) painter E 14319   Pit 1379
Wife: Ibentina
(= Iabtina)
  JE 63646 A/B   Pit 1379
Father: unknown        
Mother: unknown        
none known        
none known        
none known        
Sources: P&M = Porter and Moss I-2, p. 701
Bruyere, Rapports sur les fouilles de Der el Medineh, 1934/35
Fouilles de l`Institut Francais dŽArcheologie Orientale XV, 1937, p. 124-30, pict. 70-71

Floorplan of the tomb of Satnem and Ibentina (Iabtina), TT1379, in the western cemetery of Gournet Murrai (from: Smith, 1992). Because of the fact that this cemetery was lying close to the workers village of Deir el-Medineh it was supposed that this had been the cemetery for the residents. Apparently there is no indication (name, tools) that this had been their cemetery.

The robbed tomb contained (according to Smith, 1992) a mummiform coffin for Ibentina and box-shaped for Satnem, probably both sarcophagi had been painted white. Canopic chests are not mentioned, Smith does not make statements about the state of the looted mummies.
The people were buried there together with objects which they had used in their life. Hence, beside the sarcophagi various objects of daily life were in the tomb, among other things a few pieces of furniture (1 headrest , 1 chair, 4 seat , 7 baskets), not closer described professional tools, personal items (4 sticks, 1 pair of sandals, 1 cloth, various pieces of jewellery - but, no heart scarabs or amulets), fertility symbols (Nile mud pads plants with [grain] seed), several storage vessels (5 big, 16 small), and pottery (2 flowerpots, 3 bowls or plates).
These statues belonged to the contents of tomb no. 1379. 
The objects of this tomb were divided between the museums of Cairo and Paris, thus, the statue of Satnem was given to the Louvre (E 14319) and the small naos with the statue of his wife Ibentina was given to the Egyptian Museum, Cairo (JE 63646 A/B). 

Statue of Satnem
Jujuba-wood, base: acacia wood;
H: 41.30 cm; W: 9.30 cm; D: 19.40 cm;
today in the Louvre, E 14319
Small statue of Ibentina placed in a shrine;
Sycamore wood, painted;
H: 62, W: 26.5, D: 26 cm;
today in the Egyptian Museum Cairo, JE 63646 A/B


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