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TT71 - Remains of the decoration of the corridor


From the original colored decoration of walls and ceilings of the corridor today only very small parts have survived, so among other 9 wall parts formed like small stelae which are filled with inscriptions. These show clear signs of destruction.
These 9 rock-cut stelae belong to the most unusual decorative features of tomb TT71, therefore, they are presented on their own page. Furthermore, the remaining decoration of the Transverse Hall is also presented on an own page.

Only few parts of the scenes decorated on the walls of the corridor above the stelae have survived  and some photos will be presented below by courtesy of E. Noppes. Several hotspots on the two drawings below allow to jump directly to the corresponding photo.

Above a schematic reconstruction of the southern (left) wall of the axial corridor (after Dorman, 1991); the reconstruction shows in the lower series from left to right  the arrangement of the of stelae 1 - 6. Clicking on a hotspot jumps to the corresponding photo below.
In the upper left corner the wall shows the ritual pilgrimage to Abydos (on the left a sailing boat is visible and - on the right of it - a smaller boat connected to the sailing boat by a rope, the small boat carries a sarcophagus); in same height - but on the right as part of a  Banquet scene Senimen is depicted and behind him his wife or mother, Seniemyah. Both are looking to an offering list (right of them).

Above the reconstruction of the northern (right) wall of the axial corridor (after Dorman, 1991) which in the lower series - this time from right to left - shows the arrangement of stelae 7 - 9. Clicking on a hotspot jumps to the corresponding photo below.
On the left part Senenmut is shown watching two smaller writers. In the middle part several men are shown, who are pulling shrines mounted on sledges - obviously this shows a part of the funeral equipment carried to the tomb.

Offering list (outer right; photo: E. Noppes)


Offering list (photo: E. Noppes) .


Banquet scene with Senimen and behind him his wife or his mother Senemiyah (photo: E. Noppes).


Rest of the tomb facade (according to Dorman, 1991; photo: E. Noppes)



Remains of the two scribes depicted in front of Senenmut. Below the head of the lower scribe who just makes a note is depicted; above a leg of the upper scribe is shown (photo: E. Noppes).



The photo above shows remainders of the decoration of the ceiling.

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