Shrine No.

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Shrine No. Name / Transliteration Date

Distance to the Speos of Haremhab
[~ m]

14 Nehesj NHsj joined reign of Hatshepsut and Thutmosis III 370  
All data according to Caminos, 1963

From right to left the shrines No.: 12 (Minnakhte), 13 (Senneferi), 14 (Nehesj), 15 (Hapuseneb), 16 (Senenmut), and - destroyed - 17 (User-amun), all built during the reign of Hatshepsut and Thutmosis III (photo: E. Noppes). The entrances of all shrines were set into shallow recesses formed by cutting back the face of the rock.

The shrine of Nehesj (No. 14) is the 3rd one from the right. The photo below shows the entrance of shrine No. 14 with its decoration. Nehesj has been "Overseer of the sealbearers (jmj-rA sDAwt)" under Hatshepsut and the leader of the "Expedition to Punt" in year 9 of her reign.

The following drawing taken from Caminos (Caminos, 1963) shows the details of the decoration of the entrance. The meager text of this shrine are all on the outer side of the doorway.

The lintel is crowned with the usual winged sun-disk (BHdtj). Beside the figure on both ends the phrase is written: "[The] Behedetite, the great god, lord of heaven."

The next 3 registers show together the names of the two kings, Hatshepsut and Thutmosis III. The lowest register is nearly completely destroyed, only the remains of a cartouche are still visible. Based on the grouping in register 2 and 3 it is quite clear that on the northern (right) side of the lintel the names of Hatshepsut are presented, and on the southern (left) the names of Thutmosis III. In the center of each register there is an Ankh-sign.
The 2nd register shows the throne names of both kings. The text accompanying  Hatshepsut reads:
" anx nTr.t nfr.t MAat-kA-Ra mr.t Imn-Ra nb nswt tAwj Life to the good goddess Maat-ka-Ra, beloved of Amun-Ra, lord of the Thrones of the Two Lands." - with the name and title of Amun deliberately destroyed by the Akhenaten iconoclasts.
The text  accompanying Thutmosis III reads: " anx nTr nfr Mn-khpr-Ra mr Nwn, jt nTr.w Life to the good god, Men-kheper-Ra, beloved of Nun, father of gods."
The 3rd register reads:
" anx sA.t. Ra@At-Spswt-xnmt-jmn mr.t Jtm nb Jwnw Life to the daughter of Ra, Hatshepsut-united with Amun, beloved of Atum, Lord of Heliopolis [On]."
" anx sA Ra +Hwtj-msjw-nfr-xprw, mr $mnw .. Life to the son of Ra, Thutmosis-beautiful-of-forms, beloved of Chnum, ..."

Two column of inscriptions have been partly survived on the right door-jamb while the majority of the left door-jamb is destroyed.
On the right side title and name of Nehesj have been preserved: "..jmj-rA sDAwt NHsj ...".

The shrine consists of one room only, approx. 2x2.5 m (depth x width), the ceiling is flat, undecorated, and at a height of approx. 1.84 m above the floor. The northern wall was broken through to open a door to shrine No. 13 - most likely by later dwellers. Most of the walls have been decorated, except the north-western corner, but the decoration has been scraped off.



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