Maat-ka-Ra Hatshepsut

Dear Guests,

checking the statistics of my page I had recognized that every month a lot of people run an internet translator on these pages. I have tried this myself and learned that these machines are not able to translate sophisticated German into human readable English. Therefore, I have launched an English version.  

Of course, I am not ready with Maat-ka-Ra Hatshepsut - and I never will be.  Thus, the site will keep on growing. Due to the fact that I do prepare the German pages first there might occasionally occur small difference between both versions, however, I will try to keep them at the same level.

With regard to English please, take into consideration that I am not a native speaker. For sure you will find some typos and several phrases a native speaker would never use. Do not hesitate to mail suggestions for improvements.



Dr. Karl H. Leser


Dr. Karl H. Leser (Iufaa)

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