Maat-ka-Ra Hatshepsut

2nd Portico at Djeser djeseru

update: 17.12.2007

The intermediate courtyard is composed of the 2nd portico and two independent chapels that of Hathor (left) and the Lower Chapel of Anubis (right). None of the chapels is open to the public. Furthermore, the two wings of the portico can be entered up to the 2nd row of pillars. The high number of visitors has obviously been a great danger for the relief on the sides of the pillars.
However, the 2. portico is well known to all visitors of Djeser djeseru because nearly every guide leads them to southern wing - whose relief describe the expedition to Punt - and to the Chapel of Hathor or alternatively the Lower Chapel of Anubis. The northern wing with the representation of the birth legend of Hatshepsut is less frequently visited. In the northern wing the relief is recognizable only with great difficulty and the most colors are faded away - however, taken both wings together the situation is much better than in the wings of the 1. portico.

Viewed from the distance it is noticeable that the floor level of the southern Hall of Punt lies lower than the floor of the Hall of Birth. Only in the northern corner of the Hall of Punt, below the representation of Hatshepsut sitting on the lion throne, the floor has the same level as in Hall of Birth.
According to Dr. Szafranski, head of the Polish mission at Deir el-Bahari (Szafranski, personal communication. 2007), the floor of the Hall of Punt was probably lowered to the current level in Ramesside times.

2. Portico - Hall of Punt

2. Portico - Hall of Birth

2. Portico - Chapel of Hathor

2. Portico - Lower Chapel of Anubis

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