Maat-ka-Ra Hatshepsut

The Chapel of Hathor on the Middle Terrace of the Temple Djeser djeseru

update: 27.03.2009

On the left of the head of a cult figure that represents Hathor as a cow. This head originates from the Chapel of Hathor in Djeser Djeseru and is today on show in the British Museum in London (EA 42179).

Height: ca. 36 cm, Width: 17 cm, Length: 35 cm

Only the portico in front of the Chapel of Hathor with its typical capitals of the columns (with Hathor-heads) and the relief which are in this area can be visited.

The current condition of the Chapel of Hathor is based on the investigations and reconstructions of the Polish Egyptologists. In the years between the first and the second World War the walls were re-erected up to their full height by Emile Baraize - probably without consultation of any Egyptologist. The investigations of the scenes by the Polish Egyptologists showed many errors made during this reconstruction which were corrected by them in 1996 (Karkowski, J., "Hatshepsut Temple - The Epigraphic Mission", 1996).

To achieve a better overview the description of the chapel and its building history were separated. Furthermore, to keep the time of loading as short as possible the description of the chapel has been separated into three pages.

Description of the chapel


History of construction

Facade, Columns, and Access to the chapel    
Vestibule and Hypostyle    

Description of the Chapel of Hathor History of its Erection


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