Red Chapel

last update: 15.11.2009

North Wall - Block No. 33

Stone: dark granite (fr. diorite grise)

Parade of temples, palaces, and nomes - on the left the following nome of Lower Egypt is depicted: Behedet (17. nome), the middle scene shows the Phw of the 14. nome (nDft pHt) of Upper Egypt, the right scene is incomplete.
With the right scenes of block no. 33 begins the parade of the Phw on base blocks of the north wall (including all following blocks from the east to the west: 229, 294, 270, 225, 298, 230). A Phw describes a part of a nome, the word may be translated with "hinterland" or with (back) "northern part" of a nome (the translation with "swampland", as in the Lexikon der Ägyptologie, Vol. II, under keyword "Gauprozession (Parade of Nomes)"; or in German-Egyptian Dictionary of Hannig (P. 289), appears less suitable. The word Phw is of male gender, thus, the area is personified by an androgynous figure.

Note: a description of the design of the base blocks illustrated on blocks of the south-wall is given on the page: -> The Grano-Diorite Blocks on the Basis (South-Wall)


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