Red Chapel

last update: 03.01.2009

Distribution of Blocks on the North Wall

The plan above shows the distribution of the recovered blocks across the north wall of the Red Chapel as published by Lacau, P., Chevrier, H., "Une Chapelle d'Hatshepsout Karnak", 1977 - 1979 on plate 1.

Some time ago I have had the opportunity to take single photos of most of the blocks. However, some blocks are still missing, photos of these blocks will be taken as soon as possible. 
A comparison between the actual position of the blocks and the plan prepared by Lacau and Chevrier revealed differences in several rows. The actual sequence of the blocks is:
In row 2 the blocks 194 and 54 have been placed from left to right between blocks 147 and 21 (see red lines in the plan above). The gap between blocks 37 and 147 does not exist, block 21 was moved to the right and was placed above block 33.
In row 5 the blocks were beginning with block 61 moved to the right i.e. block 61 was partly installed above blocks 181 and 217 of row 4. In row 6 the blocks were beginning with block 174 moved leftwards so that block 174 is now installed above block 61.
Furthermore, a few blocks have been placed in the north wall which I could not identify up to now in the publication of Lacau und Chevrier - perhaps they did not know these blocks. These two blocks: 4th row, left 1, 4th row, left 2, have been installed in the given order left of block 132, this and all other blocks of this row were moved to the right (see green arrow).

Thematically several main points can be established:
Register 1 - procession of nomes and pH.w (locations)
Register 2 - oracle report
Register 3 - "Beautiful Feast of the Valley", procession from the temple at Karnak to Djeser djeseru
Register 5 - offerings to Amun done by Hatshepsut or Thutmosis III
Register 5 - "Beautiful Feast of the Valley", return from Djeser djeseru to Karnak
Register 6 - offerings to Amun; offerings to the Ennead
Register 7 - coronation of Hatshepsut

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Copyright: Dr. Karl H. Leser (Iufaa)