Red Chapel

last update: 15.11.2009

North Wall - Block No. 97

Stone: dark granite (fr. diorite grise)

Parade of temples, palaces, and nomes - from left to right the followings nomes of Lower Egypt are depicted: Km-wr ("Black Bull", 10. nome, gr. Athribis), žb-nTrt ("Divine Calf", 12.. nome, gr. Sebennytos), BaH (15. nome, gr. Hermopolis) and @At-mHjt (16. nome, gr. Mendes).

Note: a description of the design of the base blocks illustrated on blocks of the south-wall is given on the page: -> The Grano-Diorite Blocks on the Basis (South-Wall)


Copyright: Dr. Karl H. Leser (Iufaa)