Red Chapel

last update: 25.03.2008

South Wall - Block No. 280

Stone: red quartzite (origin - from the "Red Mountains" of Djebel Akhmar, an area near Heliopolis)

This block belongs, like the block No. 286, to the 2nd register of the south side and was already reused in antiquity (by Ramses II). To reuse the blocks, the original texts were erased to a great extent.
Preserved has been a cartouche with the part of the throne-name "User-maat-Ra Setep-en-Ra" above a nbw-sign. On the left of the cartouche one still recognizes the remains of "Dj anX Dt".

At last the inscription is destroyed too much to give an idea about her content or her position in the whole composition of the 2nd register.

Note(s): see also: Murnane, W., "Unpublished Fragments of Hatshepsut's Historical Inscription from Her Sanctuary at Karnak", Serapis 6, 1980


Copyright: Dr. Karl H. Leser (Iufaa)