Red Chapel

last update: 05.04.2009

Vestibule, East Gate, South Wall - Blocks-No. 281, 17, 139, 247, 190, 195 (top down)

Stone: dark granite (fr. diorite grise)

The blocks on the eastern gate which leads into the sanctuary show below the vulture-goddess Nekhbet, "Who gives [all] life.", in two columns the Horus-name (middle column) and the throne-name of Thutmosis III (right column).

The lowest block No. 195 shows a dedication formula containing the name of the gate.  The remaining text reads: "..jrt nf sbA (Mn-Xpr-Ra) mn Hsw Xr Imn = ... the ma[king] of a gate [named] "Maat-ka-Ra (changed to Men-kheper-Ra), [who is] permanently favored by Amun" (Grallert, 2001).



Copyright: Dr. Karl H. Leser (Iufaa)