Red Chapel

last update: 29.08.2010

Distribution of Blocks on the South Side of the Vestibule

The plan above shows the distribution of the recovered blocks across the inner north wall of the vestibule after final reconstruction. The plan is based on the draft published by Burgos, F., Larché, F., La chapelle Rouge. Le sanctuaire de barque d'Hatshepsout. CFEEK, Paris 2006 and photos taken by the author.

The blocks of the west and east gate of the vestibule are presented on an own page.
Blocks from 7 registers above the socle (Soubassement; which forms the floor inside the chapel) have been recovered. No blocks have been recovered so far from the 1st register, however, most likely the blocks showed the same decoration as the blocks of the northern side (Rekhyt-birds on Nb-Zeichen adoring [Amun]).

In contrast to scenes on blocks made of red quartzite the decoration on the grano-diorite blocks of the south-eastern door-frame go beyond the upper and lower borders of the registers. Therefore, the blocks which have been recovered are presented together on one page.

Thematically several main points can be established:
Register 1, no blocks recovered

Register 2, Hatshepsut [offering] before Amun
Register 3, Hatshepsut [offering] before Amun, ritual purification
Register 4, Hatshepsut [offering] before Amun
Register 5, Hatshepsut [offering] before Amun, ritual run with vases
Register 6, Hatshepsut [offering] before Amun
Register 7, Hatshepsut [offering] before Amun
Register 8, Thutmosis III offering before Amun
On single blocks the queen is embraced by Amaunet the wife of Amun.

Clicking on a number opens a separate page showing the corresponding block.

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